When a couple decides to divorce there are certain documents they may need to gather to make their divorce process easier.  A couple considering online divorce should begin collecting these documents as soon as they decide that they want to dissolve the marriage. Let’s take a look at some of the documents you may need for your Philadelphia uncontested divorce:

Birth certificates for yourself, spouse and children. While you may file an online divorce without all of the birth certificates, it’s in your best interests to have a copy.

Immigration and naturalization documents. If you’re an immigrant, make sure you gather your immigration and naturalization documents when considering an online divorce.

Any agreements between yourself and your spouse. This includes prenuptial agreements, custody agreements and any agreements about how property will be divided. An affordable online divorce in Pennsylvania requires that all disputes are settled before filing for the online divorce.  The best way to avoid problems after you online divorce has been submitted to the PA divorce lawyer is to make sure agreements are in writing.

If you and your spouse own a business together or have substantial property, you may want to gather the following information before creating agreements on property division:

Recent bank statements. Before filing your online divorce take into account all of your assets with your spouse. How much cash do you have?  If you want to come to a fair agreement on how cash is to be split or used, taking a complete look at bank records is a good start.

Property value statements. Before filing your online divorce, you must not have any disputes over property division.  To come to a fair agreement, calculate the current value of all marital property.

Business income and asset statements. Unless you’re running a family business, it could be difficult to calculate the income and assets of an estranged spouse’s business. This is why it’s important to ascertain this information well before you file your no fault divorce.  With accurate information on business income and assets you can come to a fair agreement about how those assets and income should be divided.

Household and family expense budgets. The household/family expenses will not disappear after you file your no fault divorce.  However, there could be a dispute if you don’t agree on how certain expenses will be paid before you file your online divorce.  Who will pay the mortgage? Who will pay for the kids’ private schooling? What about the car loan? All these expense items should be negotiated and settled in writing before filing your online divorce.