A recent study found that more than one third of U.S. marriages begin with online dating. A lot is known about online dating, but not as much may be known about online divorces. Thus, whether your marriage began with online dating or you met your spouse a different way, you may have questions about online divorce if you are seeking to end your marriage.

3 Myths – and Truths – About Online Divorce

As you consider the option of an online divorce, our divorce lawyers want you to know that:

  • Myth #1: Online divorces are too expensive. TRUTH: Currently, the cost for an online divorce on Flash Divorce starts at $199 plus court fees for uncontested online divorces.
  • Myth #2: Online divorces require a lot of work of the divorcing couple. TRUTH: You can complete your forms online in about one hour and have them ready for attorney review.
  • Myth #3: Online divorces are risky because the court may reject the terms of the divorce. Flash divorce currently offers a court guarantee.

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