What you need to know about no-fault divorce.

No-fault divorce is an option for divorcing couples in every state, although the specific rules and laws that apply vary according to state laws. For instance, some states require that the couple live apart for a certain period of time before divorcing, and other states do not.

If one member of the couple objects to the divorce, then the no-fault procedures can’t be used. This would lead to a “contested” or “fault” divorce, where it will become necessary for the person seeking the divorce to prove the marriage needs to end. Today, fault divorces are much less common than no-fault divorces, and some states do not even allow fault divorces any more. Contested divorces tend to be complicated and expensive. Both sides will hire attorneys.

No-fault divorce is designed for those cases where the couple agree that they need to end the marriage. One of the partners will file paperwork with the state court system to say that the marriage has broken down. Different terms for this breakdown are used by each state: it may be called “irreconcilable differences” in one place, but “incompatibility” in another jurisdiction. The court will examine the paperwork and, once everything is in order, will dissolve the marriage.

No-fault divorce provides a way for couples who have drifted apart to separate in a dignified manner. It allows them, rather than the court system, the ability to control the final result. A no-fault divorce can be started online. Flash Divorce offers the following packages for couples who want to being thier divorce online:

Flash Divorce recognizes that it’s useful to have a lawyer who practices in your state make sure you’re following the right procedures and filing the right documents. We’re here to look out for your best interests in a difficult time.


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