Lawyer- Assisted DivorceAre you looking for simple divorce options in PA? Some spouses who can divorce amicably will turn to DIY divorce. However, doing it all on your own doesn’t always work out to be the easiest or most effective way. It all depends on your specific situation.

Lawyer-assisted divorce is a method of divorce that can save money and give you peace of mind that you’re still getting help from an experienced divorce lawyer. Pay only for the attorney assistance you need, and take on the tasks you can handle on your own.

If you’re in the state of PA, for instance, there may be different rules for filing for your divorce while living in another state. PA divorce documents must be used and a PA divorce lawyer looking over those docs prior to filing with a Pennsylvania court would decrease the chances of those documents being rejected, wasting your time and possibly your money.

Lawyer-Assisted Divorce – Simple and Affordable
With lawyer-assisted divorce, the process is simplified, especially if your divorce isn’t complex. Select from the PA Divorce forms starting at $199. This could save you substantially, since it’s an alternative to paying an attorney an hourly fee. Believe it or not, your custody, child support and property division can be handled either on your own or in court outside of the divorce, saving you time and money. Or, with a lawyer-assisted divorce, you can include everything in one form. The level of complexity in your situation dictates whether or not a do-it-yourself, attorney-assisted, or lawyer-managed divorce might be right for you.

Should you Hire a Divorce Lawyer?
When you hire a divorce lawyer to complete your divorce, you’re paying for your lawyer’s hourly fee. There’s a big contrast between the above two processes in terms of what you need to contend with. At times, this is the best way to proceed. However, when the divorce is not contested and doesn’t include major division of assets or custody issues, it might be unnecessary.

Lawyer-Assisted PA Divorce
Said by many to be a happy medium for non-complex divorces, the attorney- assisted divorce allows you to save money but have the lawyer’s office gather your details and put everything together for you, ensuring that the process is handled expeditiously. This type of service costs more than a DIY kit but substantially less than the traditional route.

  • Why pay more money than you need to?
  • Why put yourself through unnecessary stress, and the risk of your documents being rejected?

Choosing the right method of divorce in PA (or your own state) will help you avoid unnecessary costs, delays, and stress.

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