You’ve probably heard your friends joke that they stay together because it is too expensive to get divorced. There is some truth to that joke. In traditional divorces each spouse hire his or her own lawyer and that can be expensive. However, a traditional divorce is not your only option and financial concerns are not a good enough reason to continue living in an unhappy marriage.

If you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce and simply want the marriage dissolved according to the terms that you have agreed upon then you may be eligible for an attorney assisted divorce. In an attorney assisted divorce you can submit your divorce paperwork to an attorney for review. The attorney will make sure that your no-fault divorce agreement meets court requirements so that you can get the divorce that you seek. Right now the cost for this type of divorce is $199 plus the court costs in your jurisdiction.

Do not let money trap you in an unhappy marriage. Instead, talk to your spouse and decide if attorney assisted divorce could be the answer that you are both looking for at this time.