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Start Your Divorce Online

Simple, affordable, private. If your divorce is uncontested, you can complete your documents easily and at your convenience. Flash Divorce offers several options.

Online divorce does not have to be a one-size-fits all approach. Flash Divorce offers options for spouses to complete their divorce on their own time, while still receiving some attorney assistance if they need it.

With Flash Divorce’s services, you’ll receive your divorce forms and simple instructions. We also offer additional half-hour and one-hour legal coaching packages and attorney document review to help guide you toward success. When you choose one of these options, you’ll receive (and pay for) only the help you need. And if you need more help, just add more time to your cart and checkout.

Start Your Divorce Today

Download your divorce documents and simple instructions. Complete the process on your own time.

Court Approval Guarantee

Prevent court rejection and delays by choosing one of our packages. We offer a court approval guarantee.

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Save Time in the Process

If you’re filing an uncontested divorce, you can get through the process quickly and painlessly with our services.

Divorce Within Your Budget

Divorce can cost thousands. Save money by handling what you can on your own, and pay only for the help you need.

About Flash Divorce

Our team has helped hundreds of spouses with every kind of divorce. Using our experience and knowledge about the process, we developed several ways to guide clients toward resolution as efficiently and painlessly as possible. We can help you through coaching, a DIY divorce kit, or document review. Choose one of our options and get started today.

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Online Access to Legal Forms

With Flash Divorce’s DIY package, you’ll get access to all the forms and instructions you need to divorce in your state. No searching for the right paperwork, and nothing in your way to resolve your divorce.

Pay-as-you-go Legal Services

Even when you’ve only been married a few years and have no children and no assets to fight over, filing for divorce can feel overwhelming. Let us help you navigate the process with one of three options.

Free Membership to Flash Divorce

Joining Flash Divorce is free. Then, you can purchase your DIY divorce kit or one of our legal services packages to get the help you need with your divorce.

Flash Divorce Blog

Divorce is life changing. Here are some tips and insights from Flash Divorce.