Simple and Affordable

Attorney-Assisted Low Cost Divorce

Are you looking for a low cost divorce? People looking to get divorced in a simple and inexpensive way may be looking at a do-it-yourself divorce. But doing it all on your own doesn’t always work out to be the easiest or most effective way. It all depends on your specific situation.

A method of divorce that can save money and give you the peace of mind that expertise from an experienced divorce lawyer brings is a lawyer-assisted divorce. This method includes the best of both worlds—lower cost and expertise that you need.


The service was excellent… I don’t think it could be any quicker…

Jennifer K.

I have recommended this site for my friends and family who want to get a divorce and can’t afford a lawyer. Thank you!

Chris S.

The entire process of the online divorce went VERY smoothly. My divorce is completed and I have my Divorce Decree. Thanks so much!

Sherri M.
What is Lawyer- Assisted Divorce?

When you hire a divorce lawyer to complete your divorce, you’re paying for costs plus your lawyer’s hourly fee. However, when the divorce is not contested and doesn’t include major division of assets or custody issues, it might be unnecessary.

Lawyer-assisted divorce offers a low cost, simplified process, especially for couples where the divorce isn’t a complex. The level of complexity in your situation dictates whether or not a do-it-yourself, attorney-assisted, or lawyer-managed divorce might be right for you.