You are ready to get divorced and so is your spouse. You have suggested an online divorce to your spouse since you will be filing for a no fault divorce and you think you can agree on the terms of your divorce.

An online divorce with attorney review can have several benefits. It can be less adversarial than a traditional divorce, it can save you time, and it can save you money. However, if you want to realize these benefits then it is important to:

• Be careful how you use social media. What you put on Facebook, your Twitter feed, Instagram, and other social media sites may be used against you in divorce proceedings.
• Think about what you put in writing. This includes e-mails and text messages to your soon to be ex-spouse.
• Tell the truth. Don’t hide money, marital property, or important information from your soon to be ex-spouse.

Of course, your soon to be ex-spouse should also follow the same rules for a successful online divorce. For more information about getting an online divorce with attorney review, please contact us today via this website.