You’ve probably heard all of them already; stories about divorce that went on for too long, that dragged on for years.

‘My marriage lasted for years, but my divorce seemed to have lasted forever.’

‘I married the wrong person. The divorce went on too long and left me in pieces.’

If you have minimal marital assets and are looking to ease the flow of your divorce process, you have some options you need to consider. One way to jumpstart the process is by conducting a settlement conference, to attempt to come to an agreement as to the division of your assets and terms of your divorce.

If you are in need of more assistance, a neutral third party, or mediator, may help to guide your case to a swift resolution. Mediators can be retired family law judges or experienced matrimonial attorneys that help guide your case to a fair and equitable resolution.

Settlement conferences and mediation are valuable alternatives to resolving your case in a quick manner. Your experienced matrimonial attorney will help you at every step of the way and will be with you at either the settlement conference or mediation should you choose to proceed that way.