Sometimes, an uncontested divorce can be hard to finalize. You will need an experienced lawyer to walk you through the process and stay with you until the end.

In New Jersey, what happens when you have finally reached an agreement?

If you and your ex have agreed on all issues like child custody and support, spousal support, legal fees, and fair division of property and debt, it is time to draft a formal Marital Settlement Agreement that formalizes these agreed upon terms. This will be the foundational document for both parties moving forward. The Marital Settlement Agreement is an enforceable, bargained for agreement, akin to a contract. If any conflicts or enforcement issues arise in the future, the Court will look to this document first as a guide post for your matter. It is important that an experienced divorce attorney work with you to draft this Agreement.

Your Marital Settlement Agreement will be incorporated into a Final Judgment of Divorce. The Final Judgement of Divorce will be executed and filed by the Court, which formalizes your divorce by the State.

To process the Final Judgement of Divorce incorporating a Marital Settlement Agreement, an uncontested hearing will be scheduled before the Judge. On this date, your Final Judgment of Divorce will be filed by the Court and you will be officially divorced.

An experienced matrimonial attorney will make sure that you are legally protected, have full exercise of your rights, and is not out to do anything that might turn the table against you. Many litigants find a good lawyer indispensable. Seek legal advice pertaining specifically to the facts of your case, particularly when finalizing your divorce agreement.