Getting a divorce is like planning a wedding. It can be expensive. It takes a lot of time and details. When tying the knot, you needed the services of a wedding planner. You used online worksheets and other software to organize your wedding down to the last details. You can do the same thing when getting a divorce. Here is a compilation, a list of useful apps or tools that will ease the steps of your divorce.

GENIUS SCAN. Document – loads of them. You will fill out forms and copy financial documents, even if your divorce is amicable. If you need to take a photo of anything and send it as a JPEG and/or PDF file that you, your lawyer, coach, or friend can easily print, deliver, and attach to a document, this scan is a genius at it.

DOCUSIGN/ADOBE SIGN/HELLOSIGN. The legal industry takes its sweet time to get in touch with technology. Somecourts will let you sign documents electronically. An e-signature in the legal process saves time and may simplify document filing. These apps allow you to do just that.

DROP BOX or GOOGLE DOCUMENTS. Create, edit, and store documents online. Use these apps to do so for settlement proposals, budget updates, or court pleadings. No need to play ball, emailing back and forth and asking who can edit and when.

KEEPER. Create one master password or use Touch-ID. This password will manage all your other usernames and passwords for every app, software, or website you visit. Simply type, press ‘Enter’, and every username and password will appear in one place. Simple as pie.

TASKRABBIT. No one is Superman or Wonder Woman. No one can do it all at a limited amount of time. After grueling work, kids being difficult, and walking your dog, will you still have enough energy to plan your separation, attend mediation, check in on your parents, get the car serviced, and even take a small, deep breath? You can book a tasker in five minutes. Choose one who is extensively reviewed and whose background is clean. Book your desired time and date. Use the app to pay.

EVERNOTE. Save-able, searchable, and share-able. These are the ‘soft’ features of this app. If you forgot to do something, have an idea at 2 A.M. for something, or want to do something badly, use this app.

TOUCH COPY, DECIPHER TOOLS, TANSEE. Need your text messages to use as evidence in court? These apps do the trick. Telecommunication providers will not help you unless you subpoena them. However, that costs time and money. From an ex who might be harassing you to a spouse who refuse to co-parent, they just need to give ‘notice’ of intent to do something. Transcribe text messages to present in court either as leverage or evidence, using these apps. It is always the best evidence to screen shot your emails and text messages.

CLIO: This cloud-based application stores your pleadings or filed court documents, calendar court dates and meetings securely, including financial information and documents. Not only that, it makes communicating and collaborating about documents with lawyers easy. Our attorneys at Petrelli Previtera utilize CLIO and it has proven to be a valuable asset.