When filing for divorce, the cost of the divorce is determined by the complexity of the case, the experience/skill of the divorce attorney and the willingness of the divorcing party to compromise.  However, even considering all of the factors stated above, the cost of an online divorce is significantly cheaper than a traditional divorce. Let’s take a look at a comparison of costs.

No Fault Divorce

A Philadelphia uncontested divorce, whether filed online or the traditional way, is always cheaper.  An online divorce requires that both parties are in agreement on property issues, child support and other issues which could cause division.  But while an uncontested divorce is always cheaper than a contested one, an online divorce through Flash Divorce is typically less expensive than hiring traditional PA divorce attorneys.  Typically, a PA divorce lawyer will cost anywhere from $700 to $1000; but with a cheap online divorce that cost drops significantly. Online divorce companies such as Flash Divorce offer cheep divorce options charging as little as $199 for a no fault divorce.

Divorce Process Troubles

Sometimes a no fault divorce may become more complex if one or both parties come to a sudden disagreement.  When this happens in an online divorce or a traditional one, the couple will need to employ more help from their PA divorce lawyer.  Below is an example of what it could cost to have a PA divorce lawyer litigate disputes arising from your online divorce.

Hourly fees for a PA divorce lawyer can range anywhere from $200 to $500 per hour. However, the exact price of the divorce attorney is determined by the attorney’s experience, expertise and the amount of work which needs to be invested into the divorce case.  The PA divorce lawyer will give the client an estimate of how long it will take to handle issues as they arise along with an estimate of overall costs.  The client’s ability to clearly communicate the problems in their online divorce will determine the accuracy of the attorney’s estimate. If an online divorce needs to go to court, the costs will rise; however a settlement between the disputing parties can lower divorce attorney costs.

Online Divorce – No Hidden Costs

Filing for divorce the traditional way is scary for some clients because they aren’t quite sure how much it is all going to cost in the end.  Fortunately, if it is an uncontested divorce, the client can use the online divorce process to cut costs.  Using a traditional divorce process for an uncontested divorce is like trying to use a sledge hammer when a normal hammer will do.  If you have an uncontested divorce, consider one of Flash Divorce’s options.