Divorce triggers various negative reactions and feelings of uncertainty from children. The first consideration you might have is to keep the family’s place of residence. Having the children stay at the current home can help them cope and ease the anxiety from the changes in family status, roles, and arrangements.

If keeping the house for the sake of your children’s emotions, routine, and lifestyle will compromise your financial stability, you will not be able to keep and maintain the house for long. You have to pay for the mortgage, utility bills, homeowner’s insurance, property tax, and house emergency maintenance and repair. You have to pay these bills on your own. If you were having a hard time maintaining your household with the help of your spouse in your marriage, it will be even more difficult after the divorce.

If you cannot afford to keep the house on your own income and any child support you are receiving, you may consider filing to increase support or, if you are both on good terms, asking for additional financial assistance from your former spouse. However, they may ask for favors in return for their help. They could ask for more time with the children. They might have a lot to say in how the house is managed. They might also balk at the thought of having to pay for an indefinite period of time, so they will have it clearly stated in an agreement or in writing that they are willing to pay for only a definite time.

You can also ask for some help and support from your parents, siblings, or grandparents. However, they may only be able to assist for a short period of time. There are many things that can happen that limit their ability to help, so it is best to see this as a short-term solution.

Moving to another more affordable place may seem disruptive and time-consuming, but this may be the best solution for the family. The disruption and anxiety of moving for the children can be countered by support and guidance from the parents. This will also lessen the burden of needing support from your former spouse.

While going through a divorce, it is important not to ignore the feelings of your children. This is also a very stressful time for them. At Flash Divorce, we are here to help make the transition as stress free as possible. Become a member today for free so we can help you get started.