It is difficult to come up with an average amount that a couple spends on a Pennsylvania divorce. There are so many different factors involved that can each have a significant effect on the final cost. For example, costs may differ depending on:

Whether the divorce is contested or uncontested. Contested divorces require more court time and attorney billable hours than uncontested divorces and are contested divorces are, therefore, generally more expensive.
How the parties seek legal representation. When each party hires his or her own lawyer attorneys’ fees are generally much higher than when an uncontested divorce is filed and one attorney is hired to review paperwork or when issues can be worked out in an alternative manner such as mediation.
Where the parties file for divorce. There is a large discrepancy in the amount it costs to file for divorce in the 67 different Pennsylvania counties.
The number of counts included in the divorce complaint. Generally, each count carries an additional fee. A divorce that includes custody proceedings is also generally more expensive than a divorce without child custody issues.

How to Get an Accurate Estimate of Your Likely Divorce Costs

While the factors described above make it difficult to provide the average cost of divorce in Pennsylvania, you can still get an accurate assessment of your likely costs before filing for divorce. First, you can call or visit the website of the Prothonotary in the county in which you will be filing for divorce. There you can find out all of the fees that will apply to your case. Next, you can talk to a lawyer or lawyer mediator to determine what your likely attorney’s fees may be when you file for divorce. Together, those numbers will represent the amount you are likely to spend on a Pennsylvania divorce in you choose a litigated divorce option. For a cheap PA divorce you may also want to consider options such as the attorney assisted divorce from Flash Divorce.