Flash Divorce has provided low cost divorce options for clients in New Jersey with the $199 uncontested divorce. Since 2011 Flash divorce  has offered no-fault divorce packages for New Jersey. NJ residents can take advantage of the same $199 price for attorney reviewed divorces.

If you are considering a divorce in New Jersey, here are some key rules to keep in mind.

  • In order to file for divorce in New Jersey, at least one spouse must have been a resident of the state for one year.
  • New Jersey allows a divorce on either no-fault or fault grounds. For a no-fault divorce, the couple must provide a sufficient reason for the divorce, which must be either that they have been living separate and apart for 18 or more months, or the claim that no reasonable prospect exists of reconciliation. Note that the second option, which became available in 2007, does not require a separation period; couples can divorce even while they are living together, as long as irreconcilable differences have existed within the marriage for at least half a year.
  • The state of New Jersey follows the “equitable division” rule for dividing property. If the divorce goes to trial, a judge will divide property in a way he thinks is fair, even if it isn’t precisely equal. With a no-fault Flash Divorce, the couple gets to agree on how to divide their property.
  • The court will decide whether — and how much, and for how long — one spouse must pay the other in spousal support. If the divorcing couple can agree on alimony issues ahead of time, the court will generally accept that decision.
  • Courts in New Jersey are very concerned when a divorcing couple has minor children. They will arrange child custody and visiting arrangements based on each child’s best interest, with a preference for joint custody. Even after a divorce, both parents are required to support their minor children, and will assign child support duties based on each parent’s earning potential and time spent with the child. Although the court will have the final say, a no-fault Flash Divorce allows you to state your preferences about child custody and support issues. Unlike other divorce assistance companies, we never charge more when a divorcing family has children.