Pay As You Go Legal Coaching

Affordable, flat-fee legal services. Document preparation, legal and litigation coaching. A method of divorce that can save money and give you the peace of mind that expertise from an experienced divorce lawyer brings is a lawyer-assisted divorce. This method includes the best of both worlds—lower cost and expertise that you need.

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Why pay more money than you need to divorce? With our pay-as-you-go legal coaching, you can get the help you need and handle the rest on your own.

By paying for your attorney’s time by the hour, you can get answers specific to your situation, so you can divorce successfully and inexpensively. Select your state above, and our system will match you with a lawyer. You can schedule one session or several sessions over time.

Half-hour , Full hour and flat-fee attorney document review packages for legal coaching are also available.

For spouses who want to divorce but are concerned about costs, Flash Divorce’s legal coaching may be a great option. By choosing our pay-by-the-hour legal services, you will pay only for the advice and help you need. Complete the steps of the divorce process that you can handle on your own, and an attorney can assist where needed, such as:

  • Filing the divorce complaint

  • Understanding legal terminology and the divorce process

  • Asking the court for what you want

  • Completing the divorce paperwork

  • Negotiating the terms of your divorce

You can consult with one of our attorneys by phone, video, or email, getting answers to your divorce questions quickly and simply.

Benefits of Pay-By-The-Hour Legal Services

When you want more control over the cost of your divorce, our half-hour and one-hour legal services can help you navigate the process on your own confidently. Here are a few benefits of choosing this option.

Getting started is easy. Select your state in the dropdown above, and our system will match you with a lawyer.