As April quickly fades away, many couples are getting ready for the spring, summer and early fall wedding season in Pennsylvania and around the country. While couples are married during every month of the year, there seems to be more couples who marry during the warm weather months.

The Same May be True of Divorcing Couples

According to the latest information from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, nearly half of the couples who divorced in Pennsylvania during 2011 did so during June, July, August or September. The months with the lowest number of divorces were December, January, and February.

When Is the Right Time for Your Divorce?

Only you, and possibly your soon to be ex-spouse, can answer that question. While you may have extra company if you decide to divorce in the next few months, that should have no bearing on your decision. Divorces can be finalized during any month of the year.

If you are ready to file a no fault divorce then we encourage you to consider the option of an online divorce when you are ready to proceed. An online divorce can be faster and less expensive than a traditional divorce and end with the same divorce decree. Please browse our website for more information about this type of divorce proceeding when you are ready to take the next step.