You and your spouse have finally decided to end your marriage. You both agree to sign the papers, and have no arguments about children money or property. The problem is, you can’t seem to get a straight answer about how much it will cost you—even though the separation is a mutual decision.

Unfortunately, your divorce has a lot of hidden fees—court costs, filing fees, and other payments you may not have accounted for.  If a missed signature causes you to miss your filing date, you may also face late fees—or you may have to go through the entire process over again.

At Flash Divorce we know you want to get the divorce process over as quickly and painlessly as possible.  That’s why we offer a No Fault Divorce Package for $499, a price which includes all filing fees and court costs.

How do I know if I qualify for pa no fault divorce?

A no-fault or uncontested divorce is a term used for couples that want to terminate their marriage and do not have any disputes about child support, custody, property or financial matters.  To qualify for filing a no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania, you must:

  • have been a resident of Pennsylvania for 6 months or more
  • have no property or economic disputes
  • both agree to sign the divorce papers

If you qualify for a no-fault divorce, our lawyers will work with you to complete your divorce for just $499.  These cases are usually filed within the week of our first contact with you.  It only takes a simple phone call to tell you whether you qualify for uncontested divorce, or you can start the process by completing the form below.

Pay only $499 for your no-fault divorce.

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