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Divorce simply and inexpensively, while still benefitting from the help of a lawyer. Our attorney document review option is perfect for spouses filing a no-fault divorce who can agree on issues such as the division of debts and property, child support, and custody.

Simply select your state from the dropdown below, and our system will match you with a lawyer to review your divorce documents for one flat fee. Once your order has been complete, you will be sent an email with information to submit your documents for attorney review. Half-hour and one-hour sessions are also available for those who want more attorney guidance.

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Get an attorney-reviewed divorce at a do-it-yourself price. Here are the other benefits you can expect:

  • There are no surprise fees.
  • You can start your divorce in less than an hour.
  • No guesswork. An attorney will review your online divorce paperwork to ensure there are no errors.
  • We offer easy-to-use divorce forms with step-by-step instructions.
  • We guarantee court approval.

Fill in the forms on your own time and submit. A lawyer will review the materials and provide feedback. Then, you just need to sign the agreement and file with the state court. It’s a simple, fast, and inexpensive option for spouses filing a no-fault divorce.