The amount of online divorce form distribution companies is just staggering. With the click of a button couples who want a Philadelphia uncontested divorce can download a form, fill it out and take it to the courthouse to get their divorce quickly and painlessly, right?  Maybe.  Right now there are two types of online divorce options. The first option for online divorce are divorce form websites that allow anyone to download a form for a fee.  The second option, are online divorce companies that also allow divorcing couples to fill out a divorce form for a fee; but they are attorney supported.  In the second option, divorcing couples fill out the form; but their information is reviewed by a qualified attorney.  Let’s take a closer look at these two types of online divorce:

Who gets legal advice?

Online divorce form companies are prohibited by the law from giving legal advice to couples.  Only attorney supported online divorce companies have the legal right to advise divorcing couples. This means that online divorce forms, which are attorney reviewed, have fewer errors and are more likely to be approved by the court. Once the divorce lawyer has reviewed your online divorce form, they can tell you if you will have any problems getting your divorce and they can point out errors made when filing out the form. But even more importantly, they can point out issues which might disqualify you for an online divorce.

What if the divorce gets complex?

Most times a divorcing couple fills out an online divorce form and receives their uncontested divorce with no problems.  But sometimes once the divorcing couple progresses through the divorce process, they may come to a disagreement over money, custody or other issues which may require the help of an attorney.   Online divorce services which are not attorney supported cannot offer any legal services to the couple if their divorce becomes complex.  But a company offering online divorce forms which are attorney reviewed can legally offer additional services to divorcing couples if the divorce becomes more complex.

What is the speed of service?

Online divorce in generally is faster than going the traditional route. If your online divorce is simple and you both agree on major issues such as child support, property splits and alimony, then you should be able to get your online divorce underway in 24 hours.  The difference between using an online divorce form company with no attorney support and an online divorce form with an attorney review is that the attorney review can save the couple time and money in the long-term by correcting errors and addressing issues before the divorce papers are presented to the court.